Arcadia Power is the first nationwide energy utility since the Edison Company. Their mission is to change the way Americans consume energy - from fossil fuels to renewable power. They're re-imagining the utility-consumer experience by making it modern, actionable, and empowering.

They provide customers 100% pollution-free energy via a customer's local utility through one consolidated monthly energy bill. No panels, no hassle, no upfront cost. They source clean power on the same national renewable energy markets that Google and Apple use to buy renewable energy, and make it accessible to any individual or business that pays a power bill.

Their software platform seamlessly connects utility accounts with a clean energy purchasing platform, imports all the energy data, and displays it in a beautiful web dashboard with information on environmental impact, rewards, efficiency, and solar opportunities.

Arcadia Power has customers in all 50 states, across 150 utilities, and is a proud BCorp.